What If God Is Tweeting, and We’re Not Following

What if we got this life thing all wrong?

What if all this fighting, debating, hating and killing isn’t part of the deal? That all this ugliness is a part of human nature and not in the nature of God?

What if we’re confusing ourselves with God, applying our feelings with His feelings, our understanding with His meanings and getting it all sideways, backwards, twisted, wearing our entrails on the outside.

What if the most ugliest side of ourselves, the prideful, arrogant side of ourselves is the side that sides with God? With our Savior’s sword and our armor of righteousness. What then?

What if we put down our armor of glory, and just be still?

What if we agree to disagree? Your god is your god, my god is my god. That God will move His people where He wants them to be.

What if we’re missing the bigger, the greater picture, the Instagram of Instagrams, and we don’t follow.

What if God is Tweeting and we’re not following? We’re just too damn loud. We want to be heard. What if we just shut up a bit?

What if we’re the ones that makes things more complicated? The bitches with the drama.

What if we like to make our own rules, play our own games. What if we want to be god? What if we’re way in over our head? The job is too great, and we don’t know it. Too proud to admit it.

What if no one wants to play with us, bend to our rules, bow down at our feet, think like we do, feel like we do. What then? Should we pick up our armor again?

What if God is Love? And loving is the only way to see Him.

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