In My Dreams, I’m Dying All The Time

A series of flash dreams. (Some of the ideas to these stories are given to me by my FB friends.)

In my dreams, I’m dying all the time. There is something chasing after me. I can feel its hot breath behind me. I turn but there is only the night forest and fog. I run without knowing where. Every direction are identical. The wall of trees closes in on me. The forest becomes thicker. Thicker and tighter until they are actual walls. My shoulders graze against the forest wallpaper as I run. There are no doors. There are no windows. Only darkness in front and the thing coming after me. The hall becomes increasingly narrow and the ceiling shorter until I am forced to crawl on my knees. The thing behind me growls and gnashes its teeth. I wedge into the tight hallway, now a tunnel, hoping the thing can’t get me. Hoping that it won’t fit. I wait. The gnashing of teeth and growling stops. The heavy breathing fades. I wait some more, exhausted, until I fall asleep. When I wake, it is warm and there is light coming from beneath me. The light gets brighter and warmer until it is suddenly hot. The wallpaper starts to peel revealing its brick layer. The thing has found me. I cannot escape. The walls of the chimney ceased me.  -Inspired by Lester Ryan Clark

In my dreams, I’m dying all the time. I am wafting in the center of the ocean. My boat is nowhere to be seen and I don’t know that I started off with one. I don’t have a life jacket. I float until I sink. I sink facing up watching the sun shrink and darkness expand. Somehow the breath that I hold expands as well. The sun reduces in size until it is the size of a twinkling star. My eyes focus on this as I sink deeper and the water gets colder and darker. I get pulled so deep into the water I start to see other stars, and suddenly I’m in deep space. Drifting. Alone. Complete silence. It is all one and all the same.

In my dreams, I’m dying all the time. I don’t know where I am. It is dark and there are sounds and voices all around me. Strange voices and whispers echo in my head in a foreign language. There is a strange smell. The smell of sewage and something metallic. Gasoline and kimchee. I try to move but I cannot. I do not feel. “Hello?” I call out but the voices do not respond. “Who’s out there?” I yell louder but the voices persist without me. Somewhere in the distance, a baby cries. There is a police siren approaching. Fast rubber soles march against the walls of my head. “What’s going on? Can anyone hear me?” I think I’m yelling. Screaming at the top of my lungs. And then I feel. There’s a pressure from my gut that I’ve never felt before. Something lifts off of me. Ten rubber soles surround me as light enters my vision and I see the wheel of a bus leave me. Then I hear a scraping sound near by and I turn my head to see a clear plastic cup that was once full of boba milk tea. From a cafe in Korea town where I was visiting an old friend. A friend who had just had a baby.  -Inspired by Min Soo Kang

In my dreams, I’m dying all the time. I take deep breathes. The air is thin and I can’t get enough oxygen to my head. I feel like I’m in high altitudes but I’m not. I’m sitting in his car, driving down Hill Street, going home. I pump my fists. Open and close. Open and close. To get the circulation into my hands. They are getting cold and numb but it is summer. I wonder if he notices me doing so. I rub my arms to get the blood through and he closes my window. I open it again otherwise I will suffocate. I inhale deeply but I still feel faint. I inhale and there is a soft twitch in my heart. My heart like a twitch in the eye. A jerk of the leg when deep asleep. Outside my window, the people walk a little bit slower. The wind blows a little bit softer. My vision gets a little bit darker. Around the edges like a vignette. An Instagram photo. The world looks a little bit prettier. Time seems to tick a bit slower and so does my heart.  -Inspired by my life.

In my dreams, I’m dying all the time. I’m falling from a skyscraper but I’m watching from the ground across the street. Something like an outer body experience. My head tilts up towards my self, free falling past the 20th floor. 19th floor. 18th floor. I watch silently. My arms are stretched out like a bird but I’m not gliding. I see that my eyes are closed. I have left my shoes behind. Strange that I can feel the cold air slipping between my fingers and toes. I gauge by body within seconds from the ground and just before I hit the pavement a bus passes in front of me and I miss it. I miss my exit.

If you have dreams of dying, I’d love to hear about them. Please share below. :)

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