About Me

About me

Writing is magic. Words spill out from my pen, moved by my hand that receives from my head the images and ideas from I don’t know where. Yes, they are from my experiences and memory, but very seldom do I know where it will lead me, nor where I will end up on the page. I start the few words that inspire me and let the story guide me. I am a mere vessel. This is the case with every kind of writing that I do. In most cases, it is my writing that reveals to me what it is I need to know or learn. It can be therapeutic. It can be painful. But it is always a blessing.

I am a non-religious Christian, meaning I don’t abide by the man-made laws of the church but solely on my personal relationship with Jesus.

I have a BA in Graphic Design from California State University, Long Beach and I’m a student at Writing Pad and Writing Workshops LA.

I live in Santa Clarita, California with my husband, son and two cats.

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Young Lee

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