lockAndHide tool – quick Qt UI in Maya

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Yesterday I was coding some tools for my students in Python, when I decided it was time to remember what I learnt about Qt some years ago. It was pretty basic stuff, and it was in Softimage, but I thought it wouldn’t be that different in Maya. And it is not that different…

… but I did not want to deal with complicated PyQt code. I just wanted to design my UI in the Qt Designer, connect some signals, read that .ui file in Maya 2014 and make the buttons and checkboxes to run some functions. This is the tool I built: a small interface to be able to lock position, rotation and scale channels.


I searched and read and searched and read, and I found very interesting documentations about it. However, most of them relayed on deeper knowledge about the subject. Do you ever feel like ‘I want to do this and I want to finish it now’, and not waiting for the next day to continue it? In the end, I think I have spent more time trying to find a simpler way rather than learning the hard one. Which is the reason why I’m writing this: so you have more information when you decide to research about the subject.

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Big Hero 6 – US Trailer

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I’ve been working almost a year in the movie. First, on the assets side, and currently I’m working on hair and cloth per shot, surrounded by super-talented and very inspiring fellows. Everyone in the studio is working really hard to make this an awesome movie! And today the US trailer was released!

Seven Dwarfs Ride Train

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Some months ago, after ‘Frozen’ and before I rolled on ‘Big Hero 6’, I had the chance to work with the Special Projects team at Disney Animation. It was a great experience, and I worked closely with Andre to produce some face rigs to be projected on an animatronic. Here’s a video -just published- that displays the process and, the most important, the impressive result, taking the animatronics to a whole new level of expression.

Caricature Show 2014 at Disney

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Every April 1st, a new Caricature Show opens at the studio. It’s a great opportunity to display the great skills of our colleagues in form of caricatures of people from work. You could see awesome works from Bobby, Dani and Jin.

I wanted to participate this year, and this is one of my entries: my colleague and very friend Luis Labrador. Click on it to display him in his full glory!



iPad to control a face rig – HOW TO VIDEO (ESP)

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Some months ago the folks at Animum recorded a live on linesession where I got to explain how I did set up the system I showed some posts ago: controlling a face rig using TouchOSC in an iPad. The steps are quite clear… but in Spanish. But I wouldn’t mind doing an explanation in English as well…

Hace algunos meses, los compañeros de Animum grabaron una sesión ‘on line’ en donde explicaba cómo monté el sistema que mostraba hace algunos ‘posts’: cómo controlar las deformaciones en un personaje usando un iPad y TouchOSC. El montaje no tiene demasiada complicación, pero requiere tener varias cosas en cuenta. En el vídeo se describen estos pasos de manera detallada. TouchOSC también está disponible para terminales Android, ¡así que no hay excusa para no probar esto!

Spline XRay in Maya

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This is just a quick sketch of an idea I’d like to implement in Maya: the ability to see ‘through’ the geometry to be able to adjust points of a curve, in the same way that Softimage works. Eventually, I’d like to try to create a ‘wireframe on shaded’ mode where you can decide the opacity of the wire too. Still a long wau to go! All done in OpenGL and Python.

Create shapes in 3DSMAX + Mudbox

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After a few months without any update I bring a Holiday present… although only available in Spanish: a recorded class on how to create and manage blendshapes, especially symmetrical ones. It covers several basic techniques with 3DSMAX and Mudbox but they saved my life on some previous projects, so I thought it would be useful to share this workflow I learnt while working at The Mill with Álex and Luis.

Got a new job at…

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Last week I moved to Los Angeles to work on ‘Frozen’, the company feature film to be released on 2013. It’s exciting being here and also being part of such a talented crew :^)